September 28, 2011

Gone but still in memory.

Last Sunday, I've received two bad news. Ustaz Bob from SMK Bandar, my secondary school had gone. And the most shocking one, my classmate at MSU had gone because of dengue. It's shocking because on 19th September, she still came to class as usual. She was about to graduate but Allah loves her more. 

The next day in my class, it was so gloomy. Everyone especially Allahyarhamah's close friends were crying. I saw those boys keep going to the toilet... *crying maybe*

Oh, forgot one thing. Her name is Yusmadalila and she was studing at KPM Kuantan before coming to MSU. 

That day, I called my mom and she was quite worried about me. She said I have to take care of myself. If having light fever don't simply ignore it. Anyway, I got a dengue fever when I was in from 4. Half month laying down on the bed without having the courage to wake up, to eat or to do anything. Stupid memory =__=' Lucky me still alive. That time, dengue wasn't so familiar yet. *very the cuai* But after some times, when some of my family members being affected, we take serious in this matter. *only after some time la yea? OMG*

Sometimes.. oh no.. all the times we can't predict what will happen next in our life... Live ur life to the fullest but never forget Allah.

Sometimes.. oh no.. most of the times, when we are having so much fun we tend to forget our duty to Allah and we tend to forget what's the Do and Don't... I'm way to far from PERFECT and nobody is perfect in this world.

Just love everything and everyone that you have, take care of them and be grateful.

Al-fatihah to Ustaz Bob and Sis Yusmadalila.