January 7, 2013

Grooming Future Leader with Sheikh Muszaphar

Assalamualaikum ...

Salam sejahtera my beloved readers~! 

I'm writing this article with a smile on my face ... kui99x :) Reading the caption gives you guys the clue right??? Yuuhuuu world !!! I've met my favourite one for the second time ever at my university; MSU.

Words can't describe my feeling when first I saw him walking to the hall.. I felt like screaming as I did years before. 

"Mussszzaaaaphaaarrrrrr", !!!!

Mama was so angry when she knew I call him that way. Erm, I was so excited back then. If I was able to hug him, I think I will do so~ Nasib baik akal masih waras masa tu.

This time, I call him...
 " Dato' ",

He dislikes people calling him Dato' cause it makes him feel much older. It's ok, no matter how old he is.. he'll still be my favourite dulu, kini dan selamanya ^_^

Hambek ko.. berdiri depan muka.. I just looked at him at this time.. but I don't really like him wearing that outfit.. :')

Our second date is on 5th Jan 2013 after about 5 years .. so I guess I'll be meeting him another 5 years.. ^_^ tak kisah pun but by that time ada plak anak2 ikot.. kesah ?~ hehe kdding je~

p/s : Dato' Sheikh Muszapahar Shukor Al-Masrie.