November 27, 2009

First Raya Without Mommy

Being alone during Hari Raya Isnt great at all..
I miss my mommy....
Normally when I will miss my late grandmother who are so close to me..
Hehe... But this year is completely different..
but, im lucky as there is still my aunt from Sabah who are willing to celebrate Hari Raya at my house.. ^^
My journey from Kuantan was so bad!
Can You imagine 7 Hours being on a bus!! wahahaha...
Very d sakit my kepale n pinggang!!
There were many UiTM's students on the bus such as Shaz, Mirah, Sam's geng,Achik n Mirah group A who was sitting beside me...
Yesterday was so bad for me..

[mood: sleepy head]

The Power Of A Hug

It has been proved that showing affection strengthens growth and positive development in people. We all need physical contact to feel good, and one of the most important ways of physical contact between two people is hugging. Who does not need cuddles in this society that is becoming ever colder, more competitive, that compels us to be more individualistic, more personal-goal oriented...? When we hug, we receive an energy feedback. We bring life to our senses and reaffirm the trust in our senses. Sometimes we CANNOT find the right words to express how we feel, and then hugs are the best way to say it. We need four hugs a day to survive, eight to preserve ourselves, and twelve to grow. A hug makes you feel good. The skin is the biggest organ we have and it needs a lot of love. A hug can cover an extensive part of the skin and provides the massage you need. It is also a way to communicate. It can convey messages for which you have no words. We can always resort to the universal language of hugs. The Power of Hugs
Hugging achieves many things that you might never have imagined. For example:
  • It feels good
  • It dissolves solitude
  • It defeats fear
  • It opens the door to sensations
  • It improves self-esteem (wow, he or she wants to hug me!)
  • It encourages altruism (I can't believe it, but I want to hug that person)
  • It delays aging (those who hug age more slowly)
  • It helps reduce appetite (we eat less when we are nourished with hugs and when our arms are wrapped around others)
More benefits from hugs:
  • It is environmentally friendly (it does not damage the environment)
  • It preserves energy
  • It is portable and requires no additional machinery
  • It does not require a special place to do it (an adequate place to hug)
  • In any place such as a conference room, a church or a football field
  • It makes happy days even happier
  • It gives us a sense of belonging
  • It fills the void in our lives
  • It is still effective even after the hugging has finished
  • It strengthens and increases our ability to share
  • It harmonizes the hearts of friends
Hugging creates some form of addiction to tenderness, to altruism, to happiness...

Just as laughter, it is highly contagious! Whatever your hug may be, let it always come from the heart, not from the mind.
Come up with new ways of hugging.
Give your hugs interesting or funny names.
Become a full-time "hug therapist."
Be always ready to offer a hug to someone.
Observe the other person and always be careful of his or her personal space.
Do not try to impose your vision or philosophy on others.
A hug does and says very much.

Hug your mommy, daddy, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, your loved one, your kids, and yout pet.....

November 24, 2009

He Was My Bestfriend

Dah lame xupdate...
& I dunt really like to update this blog with my personal stury...
But, i really wanna share with all my friends about my ex-bestfriend forever..
If u are my close friend, i'll know about a guy named F.A.. We were close!! BFF...
Tapi, baru2 neyh tbe2 je everything changed..
He's no longer my friend.. what else my bestfriend....
What can i describe about him..
herm... baek, alim sket, pendiam..
seriously, when we were studying at TLC...after spm, he never chat with us.. what else to approach us.. i mean my girls n me.. that's y its so weird that we become so close!!
mls la nak cite psl tuh...

xsangka ari tuh dia bleh ckp ain xserious nak kwn ngan dia..
xpena pk g2...
tp nak wat cam ne..
dah mmg nampaknye xleh teruskan fwenship neyh..
so.. xkesahlah he'll never forget me ke ape..
what i knoe.. i'll try to forget him one day....

^^ Wish me luck!!