November 27, 2009

First Raya Without Mommy

Being alone during Hari Raya Isnt great at all..
I miss my mommy....
Normally when I will miss my late grandmother who are so close to me..
Hehe... But this year is completely different..
but, im lucky as there is still my aunt from Sabah who are willing to celebrate Hari Raya at my house.. ^^
My journey from Kuantan was so bad!
Can You imagine 7 Hours being on a bus!! wahahaha...
Very d sakit my kepale n pinggang!!
There were many UiTM's students on the bus such as Shaz, Mirah, Sam's geng,Achik n Mirah group A who was sitting beside me...
Yesterday was so bad for me..

[mood: sleepy head]

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