June 14, 2012

Photo Session with MSU's AWESOME Facilitators.

Assalamualaikum and a big Hi to all readers.

I just wanna share one of the most integrating moments in my life with my awesome facilitators. Other than my course-mates, they are my good buddies. Thou most of them call me 'kak' (doesn't mean that I'm so tua), I treated them no different with my other friends. Most important, these are friends who are so gila-gila and seriously meeting them we'll help you to cheer up even when you're so in a very bad mood.

Dah membebel? hahahaha... I have no intention to bebel bebel ni, tapi suka hati I la.. this is my property kan. I wonder what's the reaction of the new students if they read this. They might think... "hamaigad.. tak sabar nak jumpa mereka-mereka yang awesome kononnya ni"

One advise, don't expect to much and expect the unexpected. Kami boleh jadi baik kami boleh jadi garang. Tapi, OC Ain insyaAllah akan jadi baik :P (sape nak puji diri sendiri sila berblogging ok!).

Aliff Aziz, Zetty and Teha 

WIth my favourite Kak Sab.. We are in the same age ok.. :P

Favourite team..Kak Sab, ALiff, Zetty and Ain

Awesome boyya.. :P

Awesome girls :)

What do you think?

During the orientation, students have to call us OC stands for Organizing Committee. UiTM also use the same word kan? How I miss those moments with UiTM's facilitators :P

Till then.. have fun!

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