September 29, 2012

Managing Stress with Tuan Haji Zailan. [Part I)

Date        : 28 Sept 2012
Venue    : M709, MSU
Speaker : Tuan Haji Zailan b. Wagiman ; Ketua Sektor Psikologi & Kaunseling, Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor.

Sesuatu yang tidak cantik melahirkan sesuatu yang cantik.
How it happens? Ok, first of all get a beautiful dress that  you ever have. Take a look at the inside of the dress... how is it? Is it as beautiful as the front one? or is it completely different? Can you relate it to our life? ^_^

Give 3 steps to put an elephant into a fridge... is it possible?
1. Open the fridge.
2. Place the elephant inside.
3. CLose the fidge.
Logically, do you think so??
Seriously, when the speaker said this all of us thought that it is impossible !! Why so? because we did not use critical thinking. We imagine that the fridge will be as 'big' as the one that we have at home. Yet, the fridge could be in any size !!!!

Being judgemental !
Saying bad about others same as saying bad things to yourself. The speaker as the most beautiful in one group to go in front. Next, the person who has big nose. Reasons? to show that no good thing without bad thing. Everyone is special. Believe in yourself.

p/s : can't proceed im so slepy.. to be cont ;)

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