September 10, 2013

Sacrifaction for 24 hand-made hampers.


Nothing much to say, just feel like updating my beauty talaga blog and I got a story to be kept in this diary of mine.

First time being in charge to make 24 hampers. Sebelum ni selalu tolong orang lain je. It's not that easy to buy lots of things for 24 hampers using very limited budgets. Thanks to MWA for taking me to NSK, Klang. Things there are cheaper where I bought all the stuffs needed yet still remains under budget. But, no one seems to say thanks and still saying " I can buy cheaper ". Go ahead dude!

Things did not stop there. Thanks to my besties; Kak Effa and Aina for helping me. I did not hope much from anyone. Just give me a break from all the complaints. Its not a sweet moments to carry everything from home and no one knows bout that. And yes! saying everything is a crap!

Ok.. what am I saying.

Just wanna thanks to MWA for all the hard work. *kenyit mata sket*