August 12, 2015

On Our Way Back to Terengganu.. seram shejukkk


Cerita ni dah lama nak tulis dalam blog tapi asyik tak ada masa je. Almaklumlah, kebusyan melanda iols. Haritu dah post dekat fb nak cerita pasal perjalanan balik dari Perak ke Terengganu. 

Last Raya, we went to Melaka and Perak before heading back to Kuala Terengganu. Sadly and unsurprisingly that my husband and I were not that good with maps and we have the faith in 'Waze'. So that it, the first trouble started. My eyes were half open and I just started the Waze and let him drive alone. Hours after, I woke up and realized that we are in a peak of an unknown mountain. It said we are heading to Cameron Highlands. Oh yeay !!! Not funny at all.. we need to go back and we are somewhere near CH. Kill the waze. But then again, my eyes were so jealous with me and refused to open themselves. o one more time, I slept like Wirdatul Aiesyah. Half an hour later, I woke up and realized the petrol was giving a signal.


Cut the 'interesting' story, we found a Chinese family asking for help since they couldn't start their car but sadly we were unable to help. They asked us to stop nearby and asking for petrol since the station quite far.. like another hour to go. So, as expected we stopped at a stall and they sold petrol in few bottles.. kui99x.... pity us.

The scary journey goes like this......

As passed the hills, the waze 'said' that we need to proceed via Gua Musang. So, we thought that it's gonna take about another few hours so let have Kepci first (KFC). Bad decision ever, we waited 2 hours and half for the queue. There were hundreds of people and sorry to say, the workers were too slow.

We made it.. I meant, we ate peacefully thou Wirda didn't feel good. The Waze said that we need to go through Jalan Aring. Damn it! There goes the story. The road was so peaceful and quite and creepy and dark with no light AT ALL !! There were no car. We were positive that it should be ok but then my husband asked me to accompany him but my eyes said NOOOOOO...

Then my mom said " aku ada benda nak kabo..." but she refused and fell asleep. And as to accompany my beloved muchuk munchie husband. I recite short surah using my hp. Swear to God I was sleepy with my baby on my lap.

Once we passed the scary path, we stopped near Kuala Berang and slept in the car for about AN HOUR AND HALF. So you wanna know what and why I said it was scary and creepy?

1 ) My eyes saw something as my husband driving. But as I turned it was nothing. Yes, it was nothing. Maybe my feeling but I felt disturbed.

2 ) My mom saw something crossed the car.

3 ) The dam was just beside the road. Can't imagine if my husband couldn't control the car.

4 ) It was the road not taken since there were seriously no car but there were 2 kedai makan. So, are them for real?? 

5) My husband said no one use the road since road tax wouldn't cover if anything happened.

I'm glad for installing al-Quran apps in my hp. Do that my dear muslims unless u're hafiz/hafizah.. :)
That's y story. Be good. 

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