December 29, 2009

PMMS 'o9

Venue : UiTM Kuala Pilah
Date  : 23/12 - 25/12/2009
*OCs from Kuantan & Jengka

3 Days at UiTM N9 will never be forgotten by all the students from UiTM Kuantan :

Durratul Ain Hamzah [D.A]
Hamizah Hasbullah [Miejah]
Nik Mohd Azrin Hafiz [Ayin]
Haniza [Niza]
Nor Saadah [Adah]
Nadzmi Zulkefli [Nadz]
Ilyas Md Isa [Ilyas]
Azim Tam-tam [Azim]
Nur Adila [Sushi]
Syarizat Azmi [Syah]
              >>>>Picha of OCS from Kuantan 

Here's the picha of all the OCs from Kontan & Jengka
       Pengarah : LgChai
      T/Pengarah : Ipin

Other MT that I still remember are 
Linda, Ain Airil, Farhana, Fendi

Urm, I would love to write bout my journey while being there..
Feel free to read

23 Disember 20o9

My Day starts on 6.00 with Ayien still on her bed..
Kinda rushing as I need to pack all my stuff before going to UiTM N9 by bus...
Guess what??!!!
We got lost man~ haha
We reached there about 12.20..
then 2 pm we were asked to gather at the Dewan Teater with other OCs..
Seriously, first day there kinda jerk for me and some of the OCs..
We've been abandoned by all the OCs from Jengka..
Kinda sad..... cause I really hope we can be a great team..
Day ends on 12 with Sushi,Miejah and me slept in the same room~ [hahaha]

24 Disember 2009
GREAT!!   [Gedik saja bha ak ini]
Neway, OCs from Jengka weren't that bad maa...
Huhu..Bese ler first tyme..
Neway, there was one OC that keep ignoring us. 
Ah, whateva ar..
The 2nd days had help us become closer..
Plus, we have learn much about how MPP being handle with all the BIROs involved..
No what? Our Miejah got the spotlight from penghulu maaaa.. hehe
Kinda funny.. [something happenned on the 3rd day]
Erm, I've joined Biro Kecemasan under OC Azlan Shah..
Azlan Shah looks familiar forme..
He reminds me of my 'bro' and my shorty kazen... [sory A.S]
The leader, Lgchai or his real name HANIF is a good leader..
Why he's being called as LgChai?? haha take a look at his face LOL...

25 Disember 20o9
Last Day filled with outdoor activities was so great!enjoyable!fun! n dotdotdot
I've been asked to join the group under OC Firdaus @ FIERCE MAN (by Sushi)
We've named it as EMILIO and we won the third place in the competition..
Bdw, OC Firdaus @ ABE wasn't that scary.. huhuhu
Adib was an OC during my MMS..
haha... giler ar.. i used to call him ABG ADIB... ahaks
Sweet days with them!!! MUAHXX


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