November 19, 2011

Things on November

Goodbye holiday and welcome 3rd semester.
Big hug to MSU my lovely campus :'S

Alhamdulillah !! I got my result for 2nd semester. Thou I can't score higher than 1st sem but I think I should be grateful for not getting below than 3.0 since I was so worried about eltm result; one of the subjects in BTESL programme at MSU.

What a hectic day for me since I drove back to Shah Alam from Terengganu on 3 AM and as I arrived at msu exactly on 9 AM. 'Perfect' time for registration. OMG, I was so selekeh with my very very 'cool' jeans and so-not-well-manner shirt :[ Not to be forgotten with my very very cool-lilit-lilit shawl.

Registration today is a bit complication. *I mean yesterday. Since I have to find my berkurun abad muet result then have to copy itu-ini. Enough with that.

I wish I can say bubye November. urghh !!! I can't wait for 2012 thou I 'might' be a year older.

Mama is here and we are ready to rowck all the brand new shoes, bags, clothes.. :')

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