January 29, 2012

What's Up, Fox? (Korean Drama)

I just finished watching What's Up, Fox? aka Foxy Lady. I like the story line and the actors and actresses thou at first I was so annoyed with Go Byeong Hee character since she works at 'adult' magazine. Aiyoyo..

Ko Hyun Jung with Chun Jung Myung
What's Up, Fox?
Ok fine.. I know it was very berkarat drama since it was published on 2006. I don't even know about this drama till my cousin; Mimi bought this CD last month. She said she in love with Chun Jung Myung. Anyway, this drama is about a 24 year-old boy who is in love with much older woman who is also his sister's friend. The 9 years different bring lots of difficulties from each family. *Nak tau lagi sila tonton.

*macam mana lah tak suka kalau muka baby face comel cute macam ni*

He was so childish in this drama but seriously I like his appearance in Cinderella's sister. Anyway, there's one character in this drama that I like second the most.. hehe 

Jo Yeon Woo


p/s : 16 episodes... currently waiting for Flower Boy from Kak Asiah ~.~

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