March 25, 2013

First day for my Fifth Semester.


It's my FIFTH semester.

What should I say ? Happy ? Grateful ? Sad ? Overwhelm ? Excited ? Well, its mixture of all these. Day first for my short semester, I have learnt a lot. I'm taking Microteaching and Counseling and Guidance with Madam Izlin and Madam Shabina separately. These two lecturers are very nice and I'm excited to gain knowledge from them thou I did feel a lil bit takuuuut *gaya Sara Syahira*. Within 7 months I will end up studying here. 
I WAS so excited to begin this new semester but as I each time I came back home, I feel  a lil bit sad. This is the first time I came back as the earliest person among my room mates. I miss to share stories with Ayu, miss to mengadu with Kak Na. 

House was so messy since we were so busy back then. Projects --> Final --> International trip --> Holiday --> New semester --> NO ONE !!

I don't want to go out. I came back earlier instead of spending time in MSU. I thought I will clean up this house but as I entered the room I feel lonely and I just hope either Kak Na or Ayu or Kak Ha were there. 

WHY I need them to this extend ? Sebab selalu bila start sem atau balik dari cuti yang panjang, perasaan homesick ni memang akan selalu ada. Selalu FA yang jadi tempat aku mengadu, tapi hari tu dia dah sound skali, so tak berani nak mengadu. 

Aku " FA, sedih la.. tak tau nape "
FA : "Aku rasa mu ni setiap kali balik dari cuti mesti jadi gini. Bukan sekali tapi sokmo dh"


Terasa tuh.. Kurang-kurang kalau homesick ada room mate tp kali ni apa pun tak ada. Nak pergi library amek past year question pun terasa lemah je kaki. So, I decided to go to my cousin's house. Tengok cerita korea yang episod akhir tuh. "STAY WITH ME, MY LOVE".

p/s : Jom jaga diri kita... hurm, terasa banyak pulak silap yang dah di buat. Off to kazen's house with love.

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