November 7, 2013

That Exact Moment.

I stalked my own FB last night and I found this picture. Guess what. It was taken on Sept 2012. A year ago ! And for no reason. I am saying that........ this is special. 

We never know someone whom we don't even recognize his/her absence yet..... they becomes the best part of us.

I was the OC and it reminds me the good time I had with my facilitators. It's upset to make a full stop for the FACILITATOR. Yet I am grateful to Allah for giving me someone whom I can rely the most.

This picture somehow.. shows that kadang-kadang orang yang kita cari tu sebenarnya ada je dekat dengan kita cuma lambat atau cepat kita sedar. 


MWA....He is my brother, my best friend, my punch bag, and adorable pak cik.

nota kaki : jambu air betul gambar. Masa ni kompem pangai masing2 boleh buat gaduh. hihihi99x. Anyway, I love seeing that person in this picha. Make me smile =)

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AnW said...

love u syunk <3