November 20, 2013

The thing that changed.


I would like to tell ya that...I am so bored staying at home doing nothing !!
I am suppose to find a part time job but guess what? Something is about to happen and I should just concentrate on that thing

Things to share...

First !
I am so afraid to even think that I'll be going for intership next year.
Second !
2014 gonna be a BIG YEAR for me... inshaAllah.
Third !
I can't wait to graduate and knowing the fact that someone should be there on my big day ;-) (Uh, why am I so sweet talker)
Forth !
Am I ready?
Fifth !
Sixth !
Why do I need to change.. and how will I change myself. I've put a stop to my really bad behaviour which is getting angry easily. I need to learn to become a positive person. For future. But, at some point it caused me tears. I feel like something is hidden. Ah, entahlah. But I'm happy to make others happy.

That's all. Muahx!

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AnW said...

ooo aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii niiiiii