January 4, 2014

Layan Korean Drama # Wild Romance.


11.44PM on 3rd January I have completed watching Wild Romance with 16 episodes. Imagine I have spent about 16 hours watching this drama. Starring by Lee Dong Wook ; one of my favourite and Lee Si Young. I just goggled her name and she was so beautiful and dazzling compare to her character in this movie.

Park Mu Yeol and Yoo Eun Jae

In some movies or dramas, I prefer the female main character (heroine) to be someone who is aggressive and a bit boyish. It seems that the girl tak control ayu. Just like in reality. No need to become someone so-soft-spoken just to be likeable. #demmit.

I'm not saying that I'm too in love with this kind of character cause I admire Song Hye Kyo in all her acting especially That winter, the wind blows. Aigoo... she's so gorgeous to be blind :'( Even mama always said that she is so pretty.
Credit to google
*That winter, the wind blows

The part I want to highlight in this movie is on the last episode. The storyline is fine but the conclusion that I have in mind was not so 'fine'. I dislike the way that the hero does. Leaving the girl without explanation. Then meeting up again after few times. Supposed to be like that kah? I'm not being emo. It just a movie meyh... but if it happens in reality then its gonna be real jerk! The ending somehow was expected including the 'so-called-secret-admirer'

Which movie to watch next?

Anyway, I watched this movie on www.maadu.com. Bear with the eklang -ganu dialect-  (ads).

Are they the same person? Correct me if I'm wrong.... Aigoo.. pening aaaaa :P
Pilih2 lagi next korean drama to watch.. #enjoy !!!!

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