January 17, 2014



Today I would like to briefly speak out of my opinion regarding MUET. Darn ! What is MUET? Its' Malaysian University English Test. I have taken this test as I was doing my Foundation TESL in UiTM Kuantan couple of years ago.

Yesterday I saw one of my lecturer stated that more than half of the students who're doing Foundation in Law failed to gain band 4 in MUET and it is one of the requirement for the students to further their studies in higher level IF they wanted to study LAW or TESL.

In my opinion... IN MY OPINION... you can't judge the students ability just with one TEST. Oh no! its FOUR test with speaking, listening, writing and reading. And another "Oh no!" because you can't be too stupid not to get band 4. Yea yea yea! Hell right! Getting band 4 is a piece of cake. Secret recipe cake I guess? Or my future fountain wedding cake? *yummy*

To be honest, my MUET result did not enlighten my world. I can still remember as I was sitting for the listening test. I was not feeling well. I kept coughing. I had fever at that time due to some hard work done for 2 weeks before that. I was too weak. Plus, my mom was not there at that moment. She was in Mekah for a couple of weeks. I coming out non stop and my face turned red as the cili padi. *spicy* I can see Yan looked at me and asked me either I'm doing good. Hey ! Do I need to tell this? The moment I felt my whole body is going to burst out? No no no.. MAJLIS PEPERIKSAAN MALAYSIA would not like to hear my story. They are only interested my with result. Is it their fault? Of course no. It is my fault. Totally my fault. For not taking care of myself. it is MY FAULT. No doubt !!!

Because of MUET, my TESL's friends went studying separately. Around of applause for those who managed to pursue their bachelor in TESL education. *tepuk amoi-amoi amai-amai*

There was one friend I still wonder what is he doing at this moment. He was quite brilliant. But I am not sure if he managed to continue his study or he stops just right there. *one story telling*

There were also my friends who were very fluent in English. Can't beat them. My english is too simple. I don't really have bombastic words cause I will always forget. *ka-ching* They were very fluent and speak better English but they do not have the chance to study TESL.

So, for those who have the ambition of studying Foundation in TESL or LAW. Prepare yourself from now on. Everything is going to be your responsibility. And your luck. Seriously? Luck? It is actually the will of God.

And MUET, for sending me to UiTM KBM (kota bandaraya Melaka) and MSU (Management and Science University). I should thank you and hug you tighly. *xoxo*

InshaaAllah... The best plan, is the plan of GOD
Allah s.w.t
The One and Only God.
Allahuakbar !


Harmit bhullar said...

tell me about it... i took 3 times before i was able to hit band 4! praise the lord... hell ya.. :)
keen to read more... haha

Anonymous said...

tadi baru jawab muet speaking..perghh!! tang tu la tangan menggeletar gila ! jot down note pon dah macam ada parkinson.dah la candidate A ;p