February 16, 2014

My very first day at SMK TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.


Assalamualaikum and a very good day peeps..

I feel like writing an FB status yet it seems to be very long since there are lot of things lingering in my mind. I'm feeling uneasy, bored, incomplete, nervous, tense. Probably cause there're thousands things to be handled.

Anyway, I have started my practicum exactly on Valentine's Day !! I don't celebrate cause imma muslim ! :P First impression, I love the school. The fact that I'll be the only one going for the morning session..... really put me in a very very very difficult situation. Going to handle 16 year old teenagers. How aa...

Surprisingly, I have started teaching on the first day. KAU HADE? First form 4 class ; 4 Gamma.... gambate gambate gambate !! Students are awesome. I like the way the behave. Not so pura-pura polite. Some are naughty but they know the limit. Its normal for students. Expect students semua nak baik2 duduk bersila atas kerusi, mulut kunci... sila jangan jadi cikgu ok!
Me getting ready for the very first class ^^v

First class dah tinggalkan 1 impact yang positive. But not sure about the upcoming classes. But when I think bout that, biasa la students kalau kali pertama jumpa cikgu practical diorang mesti baik-baik. Tak sabar nak tunggu hari-hari mendatang.

I know my faci things will help me a lot. Able to talk nicely and smoothly in front of them. Not really nervous as I stepped in the class.

Tomorrow is MONDAY. ISDAY. Scared! to! death! I'll be going alone. Harap2 sangat dapat cikgu pembimbing yang baik. Doa kawan-kawan sangat perlu.

Penat. Menulis pun malas. Ni la luahan hati cikgu practical bernama Ain untuk saat ini ketika ini.

Pen merah,
Pen biru,
Cikgu marah,
I lap u.


Teacher Aing loves all the students I have ever taught !

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