February 28, 2014

Walking to the highest achievement in life.

Assalamualaikum peeps.

Today as i typing this article, im here all alone in the library of SMK TTDI Jaya. I came early today. Lots of things happened in my life thou it's only day 11 of my practicum.

Being a teacher is fun. But im not sure either my approach with the students is fine or vice versa. Just like my guru pembimbing told me, I can try and error. Yea.. all experiences in my life is about trt and error.

Being in MSU for almost 3 years taught me a lot especially to be prepared to whatever things happen in life. I shall never regret with all my trials because if I dont try , only then I'll regret till my last breath.

Speaking about approach with the students.. I prefer to be friends with them. Just like what my mom did to me. We are friends.. good friends. We fight, we cry. Cry? Maybe only me lorh!

I'm ok with the students and so far they know their limit. And I do not want to be too rigid with them. I enjoy teaching them and i will try to help them learning as much as they can.

Suddenly I miss all my students in Taska Rossa, tuitions and all students I ever taught in this universe. Especially kindergarten.. I miss uli-uli their tembam pipi. Uli-uli tepung. Hik2x. Thats not abuse ok!

Shall stop here for today. Im just trying the blogs applications on my baby Samsung S4. If its ok, im gonna write more in future.

Sorry for all the words without " ' " since my S4 do not automatically changed it. Hope you understand my malasness..

Till we meet in future. Counting 23 days left!!!

Hugs and kisses.


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