October 7, 2014

In love with Mr Instax Mini

On a very peaceful evening, which was actually today, I scrolled down my Timeline and dush! I found something.. a very cute advertisement about Instax Mini. The heck is that? Something like camera right? I got my own digital camera, I got my S4.. do I need this little thing?? Ok enough.. move on!

Oh wait, it's cute!!! the pinkish look is so adorable... it said "harga kilang". I should just pm that sister and oh my god!! the price is so adorable RM200!!! People said 'celah gigi aje tu'. But well not in my celah gigi. Yes its cheap for this little instax but to let go of RM200 for this thing is... not worth it. Hurm, maybe. Ahha! I think so.

But, the colour!!! selfie??? Mini album??? Oh, I hate the creator of this instax mini. Can you please exclude the pinky one. There are thousands colours out there.. kelabu taik ayam, kuning taik itik,cokelat taik lembu... why it must be MERAH JAMBU !!

I am thinking. Sabar ye anak mommy. Tunggu kamu lahir dulu la gamaknya baru mommy fikir nak beli ke tak :p

And yes, I can get instax mini 7 for RM100 (secondhand) and RM200 for the new instax Mini..... which one.. or should I say no.. pape pun kena mintak kebenaran encik suami. Macam dah tau je jawapan dia. hihihihi.

p/s : baik I beli pampers!

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