June 29, 2015

Doter and Momma.

2 weeks to 4 month-old..

My dear Wirdatul Aiesyah,
This is my note regarding your progressions. I think I should write them since I might not remember the very details of you in years time. I will slowly recap everything and post it here so that I have a guideline for my future kids (amin) and who knows maybe you'll read this in future (amin).

2 weeks to 4 month-old..

Which is actually last week, Wirdatul started to roll over by herself. First week of 3 month, she was able to lift her head. BF baby kot, must have strong bones. Calcium mama pun kena topap selalu, kalau tak nanti Wirdatul getting stronger, mama pula lembik macam bubur mekdi.

Baby swing.

Papa bought you a swing when we were visiting Puchong during my convocation. You refused it ! I never saw/read any child refusing swing. I thought it could be my last attempt to calm you. You're so attached to me. After few trials by nenek and papa, now I am able to do my works (including writing your stories here). You will fall asleep in it thou it just for at least 2-3 hours (sometimes 30 minit je pun). So conclusion, berbaloi dapatkan swing. And my baby still active like usual.

Overly attached [daughter-momy].

First week of 1 month-old, sadly informed that, I can't provide you milk. Lack of knowledge maybe. Only few weeks later, I started to full breastfeeding you. Since I do not own any full time job at that moment, I was able to give fully attention to you. Up until now, I still bf you. The causes?? you're overly attached to me. Why did I say so? See these situations :

1. Each time mama was not around, you will cry out loud. OUT LOUD means VERY VERY loud like 3 to 4 babies' voices at one time.

2. You'll stop crying immediately when mama hug you. Easy right? When others tried to calm you, they need to bring you "berjalan-jalan" sampai puas.

3. You refused bottle for the first 15 minutes. (nenek told me)

4. Whenever I entered the room (when you're sleeping), you'll woke up and cry. -_-

Actually, I don't mind. Tapi kesian jugak dekat penjaga-penjaga kamu yang lain. Lenguh bahu tau. Tapi my baby is so cute. Waking up in the middle of the night but still can smile and bergurau dengan mama. Mama bangun dia bangun, Mama tido dia dush sana dush sini. Jangan cepat besar sangat. Mama gonna miss the little you. My cutie little pumpkin.. Muah muah muah muah.

your momma,
after bersahur on 29th June 2015
You're in the swing for 1 hour.
Bonito ! Mi amor!

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