June 15, 2011

Hectic Week For New Semester.


I've just started my new semester 4 days ago and seriously it is a very hectic week for me =_=||| Having trouble with the timetable and certain subject. This evening, my classmates and I went for 1 hour classes then we realized that it was changed to tomorrow. So, with a great 'smile' on our faces we went back happily with the sun 'shines' just on top of our head.

I have miss few classes as we was having trouble with the add/ drop subject. Hopefully next week everything goes well. This week I am freaking damn busy =) till I don't have much time to spent in front of my baby lappy; neither for blogging nor is facebooking.

My target target this semester is to start study from now on especially for socio's subject. I'll have to do lots of researches.

I got eye bags! herm...... hate it =)

careless =_= |||

Seriously, this is something about me that I need to change. I don't know why I am so careless. I almost lost my ID card + Access card for my apartment.

But, it's okay !

I just can't wait for this weekends ! I wanna go 'somewhere special' with my friends. Its funny if I bring my camera but I don't care. I wanted to go there for so many times then suddenly this cute ukhti  proposed the idea of going there. Thanks sis Wahyu. Plus, can't wait to do other activities together with all my sahabat.

nota hati : istiqamah... tidak senang tp usaha itu perlu !

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