June 12, 2011

Sekali seumur hidup, dua kali, tiga kali, empat kali pun boleh jugak !

Sekali seumur hidup, dua kali, tiga kali, empat kali pun boleh jugak !

Satu ; banyak-banyak , dua ; sikit-sikit, tiga ; jarang-jarang , empat ; kadang-kadang

Got the clue ? This dialogue is taken from 'Nujum Pak Belalang' starred by Allahyarham P.Ramlee. Obviously, I'm gonna write about marriage but not about me.. Naha~ way to young for that. Let check out these pictures; taken by ordinary photographer; ain =P This is my cousin's wedding~

These are all my aunties.. Mak Abu (6th) , Kak Chik (married to my 8th uncle), Kak Nor (4th) , Mama (3rd)
Vogue you ! My cousin said " award for the most buncitest goes to..... :p "

Kak Nor seriously is my aunty, dont know why I can't call my aunties mak-mak. Instead, I used kak-kak and that's the reason I don't call Mimie as Kak Mimie :p Where the heck is the wedding pictures? Patient k... uploading lol.


So white-lah that pengantin lelaki. But what to do, that's normal in our family except me ! This Pak Silat sambil-sambil basuh dishes kot. Part Time Job maybe :)

Gambling is everywhere !
hahaha.. what to do since we UNO !

One family one malaysia !

Posing after eating. Aigoo... my pipi getting bigger !!
ah, whateva.. as long as I'm Epy~

Don't you guys know SAM bangfase also joined this wedding ceremony. I loike his hair !!! Focus of attraction that day goes to.................

nota hati : SHAH aka MIJIE (26 years old) ♥ Kak Ummi (25 years old). Welcome to our big family Kak Ummi... linked to Kak Elis :)



Bluewendy said...

Selamat Pengantin baru untuk dua sejoli baju erah tuh..awk bila lagi? hehehe:P

Epy Ain said...


eh, way too young la dear

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

link ke belog me salah laa dear :p

gambar dr dslr korang nak tengok kat mana??

Epy Ain said...


owh ye ke..
typo kot kak elis..
nga dah letak kat fesbuk ;)