August 28, 2016

Day 10 He is Breathing in PULAPOL Kuching.

28th August and it happened to be the 10th day he went to Kuching, Sarawak. Sorry for being annoying but I do miss him. Miss my partner in crime so much. My shoulder, my gossip buddy, my enemy, my best friend and my baby sitter. 

I opened this blog just to write that. *sigh! but as hands are typing really fast I also wish to write few other things. Tomorrow is my e.d.d but I hope lil baby can be a bit patient since mama got a big duty to be done. Please baby, pity mama a bit. hehehehe.... :)

Tomorrow, InshaaAllah, God's will I will be attending Terengganu Assessment Centre (TAC) at Sumai Hotel and Apartment under Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Negeri Terengganu. I applied the post as Guru Pendidikan Siswazah since Mac 2016 thou it just an assessment, I wish to be there. At least, I put a step forward in my career (pronounce it correctly... not carrier k)

Tomorrow Ill be seeing Alima, Kak Farah and few of my school mates. InshaaAllah. Best part is, Ill be going with my 40w baby.

Papa called this morning asking bout our little baby. He might not coming back home if the ticket is not sponsored. Hurm, should we spend 700++ just for a moment. Better keep those lucky money for akikah. But I wish he's here!!!!!! 

I planned to visit him after 3 months but then as I googled few pictures of PULAPOL Kuching I guess it would be nicer to visit him there after his training... GOSH!!! can't wait.

So... tomorrow is a mystery. Friends, do pray for me and my babies. 
My mini family is growing big. Coz I never had anyone else other than my mom, my husband and my lil girl and.... my beloved in laws. Thanks for the suport.

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