August 19, 2016

He Went for PULAPOL.

Hari ni 19 Ogos 2016, mama bangun pagi dan papa tak ada. Day 1 begins ! Empat hari lepas, papa dapat offer letter to PULAPOL maksud sebenarnya Pusat Latihan Polis dan lokasinya tersangatlah dekat di Kuching, Sarawak. A great opportunity for him to travel since he never been there but he needs to flight to come back here to me.

He waits for months and he had gone through alot. Actuallly WE. thanks for the memories. We are going to place it neatly in our mind. Day 1 begins smoothly except that I don't have mood to do anything except watching dramas over drama. Too many things lingering in my mind. TAC on this 29 Ogos. My due date on the same lucky day. The wish he would come back even for just a short time to deliver our new baby together. It does not scare me anymore. It's a challenge and I really want to know how will I handle those things. 

What a challenging month ever! I though saying goodbye to July was awesome but I can't wait to say GOOOOOOODBYYYYEEEEEE to August 2016. Too many surprises. Ever.

Nenek treated Aiesyah well. She asked my baby girl "Where's papa?," and she said "Papa bye bye," pity this little kid but she's acting funny!

This evening I'll be attending home tuition with those little boys which would be my last week with them. Next week, Jannah would take over. Thanks buddy.

Day 1......


• To give birth
• To attend TAC (Allah's will and I won't put to much stress on it)
• To undergo confinement successfully.. hikhik
• To lost weight as much as he might in PULAPOL :p

Papa being bold. Picture taken with our little Wirda.
Remember this sayang mama!
"Suka ke laki nak jadi polis? Kalau aku, aku tak bagi," Tiba-tiba teringat ramai orang cakap macam ni. Well, I asked him before why he wanted to become a police instead of other careers. Is it for the sake of being a gov servant or it's your dream. Well, the first option is the real reason and also the second one. Most of all, he did that for me and little Wirda. May you succeed in there!

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