October 1, 2010

the first ten days in management and science university (msu)

Ive been here in MSU for ten days :) 10 precious days. . . and what I love is that im so happy being here. . . Im being myself no cover-cover baik and still I have lots of wonderful friends. . Going through a one week orientation is not that suck ! For the first time ever I learn about bollywood dance . . . pretty hard !!!!
Here are some photos. . . (Nak knl sgt an kwn2x ain kat MSU :p)

blue jacket-  Kesikan Kc
main dancers - Yanithaa ( sengal) and Anand ( tambi) :D
*ignore the bumper yea! haha.. 

We are the a.p.o.l.l.o :) Denish is there !

Pretty howt :) Aishu- my first friend during diz 'howt' orientation and Yanithaa- my closest friend . . she hates me and i hate her. . . nak mati ka? Ni je gambar-gambar yang terasa nak upload . . .

I'm happy with my course, i'm happy with my friends, i'm happy with my housemates, i'm happy with my roomate and i'm happy with MR :) 


Anonymous said...

wow...sounds cool! 1 malaysia,huh?
seriously, i'm glad u're happy..
muahhh3..good luck ain ^^

asy.z said...

ain! goodluck at your new place! hehehe and keep those tesl spirit alive~ :D

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

wah..lepas ni pandai la ckp tamil erk :)


jap ain uitm or msu?

cam blurr jap..hehe