October 13, 2011

Barrier while speaking.

  • Unclear messages.
  • Lack of consistency in the communication process.
  • Incomplete sentences.
  • Not understanding the receiver.
  • Not seeking clarifications while communicating.
  • An individual's subjective viewpoint towards issues/people, which leads to assumptions.
  • An emotional block, which can lead to an attitude of indifference, suspicion or hostility towards the subject.
  • An emotional block or bias that is based on a third party's view point, or on what you have read/heard.
  • Words can have different meanings to different people, thus blocking communication.
  • Use of negative words.
Fuh~~ giler semangat nak seat paper Education Technology petang nanti. My lovely Madam told us some tips but then we unable to find any note regarding barrier of speaking lesson. I  don't want to fully 'hentam' on that paper but guess I will do so. Since ET basically involve what we have learn !

Today's mood is opick. Enjoy new song in this blog ! Nothing representing me so far. hehehe * ye ye je kan. Wish me luck !

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