March 6, 2010

bdk cultural shock

I have a friend. Her name is Miss L. We are so close and she was my best friend. Now, I cant be too 'best' with her. So I guess she's not more than a close friend to me. She's taken by one of my X-friend (ahha... Xfriend, not my X boyfriend ok! ). She did make me upset when she lied straight to my face. Me and other friends has tried every single thing we could to advise her and to make her realize what she's doing now. Guess what??? We thought that she'll changed but that what we saw from the outside, inside???? She's still someone who is so DESPERATE of boys! SO DESPERATE .... I would love to call her D-E-S-P-E-R-A-D-E.
I have no idea if she would read this post or not. it's WHATEVA to her but there's something I need to release from my mind!! Actually 50% of what I feel toward her. It just me and her. That poor girl ( translated to malay = miskin perempuan )

A letter with full of love and concern.

To : 
::The one that I care as my sister::
::To the one who was my BFF::

From :
::an ordinary friend::
::a-simple-nobody girl::

Miss L...
Erm... Xpnh serik kan???
Ape awk nak tunjuk sebenarnye??

Awk hipo kan.. hipokrit... hipokrit nak mati...
U noe that I'll always be there for u... rite? U noe that u can rely on me..
U dunt deserve my friendship..
Bia la awk..
ape jadik pun... awk tanggung la..
1 day nanti awk akan tau knp sy larang sgt pangai awk g2...

Suke ke org ckp pompuan neyh DESPERADE?
Jage la sket aib ktorg...
U always tell me that u cant live without man.. ops... men!!
Happiness does not mean LOVE.. it's not just L.O.V.E
I'm happy without love from 'someone special'
Love is general awk... sy dpt love dr family pun dah ckup..

Awk ckp awk nak bahagia... awk jeles tgk org lain.. awk tau x.. kalo kapel tuh bahagia sntiase xde istilah CLASH. I'm upset with u. Y u must choose that JERK as ur love. Don't u realize he's a LAND CROCODILE.. ops...

Sy nak bgth awk.. (only if u read this one day)
CROCODILE awk tuh pnh mintak kapel ngan 50 % pelajar kat UiTM.. 100 % mengayat sume girl yg pnh cross depan mate dia. Org mcm tuh awk nak wat laki ke? Miss L.. satu bende lagi yg I dont know bout u. Awk nak kapel sbb enjoy ke ? Girl.. ikhlaskan diri dlm hubungan kalo takat awk nak kapel sbb nak rase disayangi n nak pegang2.. GO TO HELL!!!!

One more thing...
Awk layan sy mcm sy ni xtau pape bout LOVE.. suck weyh!
At least I know more than U do...
AKU Sy xmaen ar kapel2 chat neyh weyh.. pe kes..
Tau la CROCODILE tuh ur first love.. tp bapak ar weyh...
curang depan mate kot... hurm..

Xpe la... sy pun xnak lebey2 bab2 cintan cintun nyeh.. uhut!
Ad mata pandang ad tinge denga ade otak pk mak bapak.....

Segalanya dah ditetapkan Allah..
Jgn lupa ya my friend..

Tulus di hati,


asy.z said...

uih.. dasat2! uhuhuhu

ainhamzah said...

ahha... mmg dasat..

aiShiteru miRae said...

spe miss L 2?
cam knl je.. :P

ainhamzah said...

hahaha... sorang manusia yg xdgr kate