March 28, 2010


Serious xtau nape tp sejak balik malas sgt nak post sal OPKIM.
Dgr cite kuar paper? hurm, whateva.. hehe

OPKIM ni ad la pengalaman manis and pahit ak dpt..
Me and Sushi..
Happy as we have Puan Sarimah as our mom..
Single mother with 6 children..
But, only 2 of them stay with her..
I can't imagine myself as one of her real child..

Bkn nak rendahkan, tp serious...
tersentuh tgk care dia hdp..

She has a daughter, we called her, ALONG..
I don't know her real age but we know how eager she is to further her study to the higher level.
I'm trying to help her but then... I'm not that good..

Her youngest daughter and son..

SARAH is one of the top student in SK Kg. Acheh

AFIQ... I don't really know about him..

One night at her house, me and SUSHI have decided to help them with their homework while waiting for ABG IZAD (gedikboy) to fetch us..

We're able to spend bout less than hour before IZAD came..

This was the saddest part..

Suddenly I heard SARAH crying..

Is it because she wants to come with us?


It was because she can't do the homework..

Of coz mak cannot help her as she herself can't read..


Lps OPKIM ni ad something happen...

Kalo ade yg tahu.. tahu la ye..

So, sampai skarang ak xtepon mak ag....

Xsampai aty....


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