March 2, 2010

We'll leave UiTM...soon....

This is the story from me as we are going to leave UiTM Kuantan, just like our seniors did. I try not to think cause I know it's hurt and I will hurt me badly. Who wants to let go the happiness moment in your life? But, as time goes by we have to be ready for everything. 

Today I'm glad that we have finish our final drama and congratulations to all. You deserve to win. 
Best actor - SADDLY and best actress - NAJIHA. Thanks to all the boys for singing a great song. I love how you guys did it. To all the girls, I will never ever forget about each of you. I' glad that I'm going to be one of the OCs (insyaAllah). I'm not bragging ok. It just that at least I have the chance to come back to UiTM and gather with my friends. ATTENTION... during the MMS for our 'JUNIOR' , I really hope that you guys can come too and join us in Kuantan. 

All the teslians here are the wonderful friends I've ever met. I really hope that we'll still contact each other. I beg you please do not forget our friendship. Once you feel like forgetting us take a look at all the photos and try to memorize our memories here. It' can't be repeated just memorize it. 

Just now before going back to our rooms after the drama, my group has a meeting. We believe that we did the best and we are definitely ok with the result (Xcept REZA). It teaches us a lot about working in group and Jannah said she learned so much! so do me and others. We're going to have some "party" to celebrate the death of Belastica.. hehe. I miss FIREFEATHER'S CREW

That's all from me now. See you guys soon.

With love,
Princess Abigail a.k.a Durratul Ain

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