August 15, 2010

Moga Kau Mengerti

Lately, I've found out what I used to like before. Novel ! Novel ! Novel ! I just cant stop reading those 'jiwe-jiwe' novel. But I'm not chronically jiwang ok. It just that I love the imagination of the story. How it makes me think about our life and our future. It just so amazing. Thanks a bunch to KBM's library for allowing me to borrow this book aka 'textbook' for koya-koya subject.

Actually, I love how the author creates the main characters; Adeena, Adib and Kamali. My friend, Safwana read it first and she told be the end of this story is kinda suck. Do you think I'll keep in reading after listening to that comment? Yes !!! absolutely ! Last night I slept about 3.3o am just to finish my reading. I love the plot of this story but then the ending does fulfill my expectation. How come Adeena chooses to be with Adib even she does not really fall in love with him. She have married Kamali and she's actually should and must stay with her beloved first love ! Adoiyai... It's very the tergantung.

Reading this novel made me think of my friend from Shah Alam. It's been such a long time since we contacting on fb( or could be ym). yesterday, I've found out that he'd deactivated his fb. How come I did not notice it ? Sorry la adib ! If u're reading this, I just wanna say hello !!!! 

Novel ni actually dah lama tp, suke aty la I bru nak baca. hehe ok! selamat berpuasa!


shedar said...

lately, i found myself fell on love in such novel*i mean reading.. but, i dun hv time to read..bkos i hv a lot of assgment!! T__T pity me

Epy Ain said...

poor kak ida...
be patient babe..
i'll read it for u