November 26, 2010

bila aku cuba bertahan

Sangat emo !
tu je bleh cakap . . . like i can trust no one now ~
What happen to you guys ? X_X
some like gossiping so damn much ! I used to love it when I was a stupid girl. .
some like to play with own feeling ! Can I say that I'm this type of person ?! Hell no !
Nak cakap je, kalau keluar makan tak semestinya ada any special relationship ! poyo ah korang ni +_+

Emo . emo . emo !

What you keep on staring at me like you're going to take off my eyes from the socket. .
hey ! what ur girl might think about it ? =-= seriously, i hate it !

You look so nice like a very cute one with that baby face , not with that ***** heart ! It's all black inside you. Guess how I know? I used to be a good stalker ! Go and get you 'candy' back in your arm ! (^___^)

I know you're freaking smart and clever ! but I won't fall . . .
B.ed student is on her way to rock this world !!!!

p/s : get the message? then u're awesome !!!


Fariq said...

xmo emo2 ye,,
biase la tu laki,,

Epy Ain said...

hehe +_+