May 7, 2011

bonda! happy mother's day.

Happy Mother's Day !!!

To all mom and future mom. Me ? Also can ^^,

Conversation between mom and future mom (me; insyaAllah)

FM : Ma, Happy Mother Day !
M : Hadiah mana?
FM : Xdop pitis ah ma. *pitis= duit
M : Org dah beli bb kat dia. (nada tak serious)
FM : (gelak) Lagi 3 tahun la ma dpt hadiah.

Kejap je borak ngan ma. My mom is a very busy mother. Workaholic sangat. Nasib baik ain ni cukup kasih sayang. hehehe


Definiton for 'mother' is A female person who is pregnant with or gives birth to a child. For a guy named Thomas Beatie, Happy Mother's Day also. *speechless =)

Akhi-akhi sume... sanggup ke mcm ni ?????? =_=' hehe

*Some says this monday is mother's day... but it should be tomorrow.. rite? haha dunno la.. ske aty u ols la :D

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warsito said...

happy birdday mom

semoga panuang umur and sehat selalu