May 16, 2011

I wanna be close.

I wanna be the smile

you put on your face
I wanna be your hands
when you say your grace
I wanna be whatever
is your favorite place, oh
I just wanna be close
I wanna be the hat you put on your head
I wanna be the sheets
you put on your bed
I wanna be the skirt
wrapped around your legs
Oh, I just wanna be close

God, I'm flying tonight for no reason. I'm in love ! In love with ....... myself =) I love what I feel now. Thanks to all friends for making me be the happiest homo sapien in this world (ok I lie - xde la nak happy sangat pun - tapi happy jugak - arghhh conclusion SANGAT HAPPY la)


Some one gave me these candies for "teacher's day". Ok, I lied again. =P But seriously, he gave me this. Erk, I asked him to buy this for us.... us ?? me and Pei Fen !!

Thanks to Pak Cik Qayum ! Len kali blanje Secret Recipe pulat ok ^.^ (demand betul kan). Neway, thanks to Pei Fen sebab teman I lunch. "She's so sweet la, soft-spoken," any one interested? =)

Actually the statement " I wanna be close " .. is actually a song sang by Avant. Feel free to visit my blog kalau nak dengar lagu ni. I love this song so dem much !!!!!!!!!!!! The lyrics.... so touched =") That's all from me... see ya !

nota hati : hari ni makan banyak betul !!!


Anonymous said...

slamat hari guru ain, even da telat sket, eheee :)

Epy Ain said...

thanks .. hehe never late