April 3, 2010

drift my car around k.t

I have a car
A very not ugly car
A very not old car
A very not expensive car
A very not my favourite car
A very not jerk car

Whateva it is. I love my car. I can't image my life without TAU 2075. It would be so suck. TAU?? I hate that, but what to do. I love my mommy for buying this car for me.. muah muah muah!

It had been more than 2 months since i didn't drive. I've lost all my drift skills. But today, i decided to vrooooommmmmm my car. ngeee.... lucky me the tank is full. It's funny to drive slowly. haha my mom, my aunt , my uncle always complaining bout my driving skills. Hello.... 'P'' license is not given without test maa...

kikiki.... at least, i'm not afraid to try, rite? cause some of my friends didn't even have 'L' license yet and some of them are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 'not brave'.. hehe

Bdw, I can't wait to hang out with my best friends again n again n again!!!!

p/s : bia ar xdapat kete favourite pom!! at least free~ ngeeeee... (:


luna_e said...

practice makes perfect....keep driving ok

ainhamzah said...

i will luna..