April 29, 2010

tag yg melecur

Tak tipu ok! Title bukan nak bikin gempak. Memang betul melecur hati D.A bila dapat tag dari sis norfa nie sebab minggu ni aja dah brp tag ain dapat. http://emo.huhiho.com
Pape pun D.A bangga dapat tag ni sebab ni bukti D.A tak dilupakan! hehe

JOM JAWAB m(n_n)m

Hoh! pasal balak kah ? hehe.. Im not really into it but demi kengkawan on je la! Ni bukan sal my pakwe keyh cause I don't have one.. ey.. dah2x.. nak jawab lak!

1. How tall should he be?
Taller than me... kalo shorter? tak boley la, D.A ske pakai heels!

2. What hair colour should he have?
Whateva, yg penting bukan grey di awal usia! It'll look 'weirda'. Can I just say macam orang tua? hehe.. kidding! I prefer black a.k.a original colour. no dye2x eyh. I hate it!

3. What kind of personality should he have?
Seorang yang alert dgn situasi n emosi ! Caring , loving, hugging (ops..haram bukan muhrim) ! respoonsible and most important he acts manly!

4. Older or younger?
Older or younger than me it doesn't a matter (*_*) As long as he suits me!

5. What film actor should he most be like?
Gosh! If there's someone who looks like Dr Sheikh Muszaphar or Wu Chun or Ming Dao sumpah D.A tak rejek!! JAMIN!!!!!

6. What singer should he most be like?
none! or.. Ming Dao singer ke?

7. Do they need to cook?
Haha.. that's bonus! Bdw, if they can beat my father who used to work as a chief and my mom's cook, i'll give them a big hug!!

8. What is his best body part?

9. What car should he drive?
Kereta kuda?

10. What one thing completely turns you on?

11. Who was the guy on your mind when you were doing this survey?
GOSH!!! ramai tuh! haha....

12. Tag people to do this survey too.

Amirah Alias
Cerah (please use she ok! u're not gay.. i noe it)


sape2x yang berminat nak jawab..


_aLiaHwaFa_ said...

yup, ming dao singer, 183club..tpi x tw wujud lgi ke x...sje je bgtw..^^)

ainhamzah said...

I just love ming dao.. jawab la tag nie

TooThfairy~ said...

sudah jwb maa..:)

asy.z said...

(=_=!)~~ hahahaha

ainhamzah said...


baguh am!!

ainhamzah said...


sorry ar cerah!