April 3, 2010

love letter for a player

This surat had been written by a kampung girl named Tijah @ Minah @ Bedah to her foreigner boyfriend.

"Hi, My motive write this letter is to give know you something. I WANTTO CUT CONNECTION US. I have think about this very cook. I know i clapone hand only.Correctly, i have see you and she together at town with
my eyes self. You always request apology back back. I don't trust you
again!!!My Friend speak you play three wood.

Now i know you correct correct play three wood. so, i break off to
pull my body from this love triangle.I know this result i pick is very
correct, because you love she very high from me. so, i break off to go
far from here. But i always love where also i live .Safe live"

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