April 10, 2010

good luck to future teslians juniors

These few days, some of my juniors called me and asked about TESL interview. Good Luck to all.
I've told them that all the questions were so easy if they're interviewed by the female lecturers.
What about our only male lecturer, Sir Nawawy? haha... no komeng okeyh!

ASASI okeyh bukan DEGREE!!!

Some ques :
1. Why are you choosing  UiTM as the first choice?
2. Why are you interested in English?
3. What do you think about PPSMI?
tu je ak ingat

Sir Nawy's question :
::. Where is Pasar Pasang. Could you please tell me the direction to P.P ::

Kak Cik kena ngan Sir Nawy!
Tp lulus jeh!

Hari ni dah start interview, all the best dr kakak2..

Hope we'll meet again during ur MMS!!

p/s : junior siap2 la kene azab ngan senior pas ni yer



ardinihumaira said...

wow! tesl! ganassss :)

ainhamzah said...

ne adew..
sy normal~